they really are in the wrong business

the amount of rage they seem to have for the delivery of packages seems very unusual

is it possible Hermes started a delivery company out of spite?

Two questions:
1. Do you like it? Really?
2. Is it wicked?

siri: "who do you want to send it to?" (without prompting)
me: "abe"
siri: "i don't see air park in your contacts"
me: "abe"
siri: "i don't see abe in your contacts"
me: "my partner"
siri: "i don't know who your partner is, but i can help you set up relationships on your null"

i think my favourite joke is when that advert described the kura toga mechanical pencil as "revolutionary"

there's a brand of blue latex gloves called Sonic 200

not as many time signature changes these days, is it because it's annoying to program

i would describe myself mainly as a fan of deli mayonaise

ah, i have a package being delivered by Hermes. better take the rest of the month off work and camp outside the door

the average frequency that people blink their eyes when in a deep sleep is called everybody hertz

i like the significant white space sass don't tell anyone

is "business" a mispronunciation of "bee's knees"?

We ordered some food, the wrong order has come, we've already eaten it. What is the next step?

let's play choose your own adventure with my actual life

i am so sleepy, i can't believe it's only 2pm

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