if someone can lend me enough money that i can open a business that makes a steady loss until i die

really offended that some people don't find me cute

thinking of quitting my job and opening a retro computing store in peckham

have you ever double-clicked an icon on a computer
have you ever dragged a folder to the trash

i can feel myself being misgendered right now, i don't know where it's happening but i can feel it happening right now

going to replace gnu coreutils with bsd coreutils one by one until my parents find out

if this gets 100 retweets i'll turn my laptop into a VSCode hangout

you will never know what your decisions were like to deal with once you left

just saw a quora question on what a good alternative to iTerm2 to is on linux and someone replied xterm

i took a sleeping pill 3 hours ago

i want to apologise but i also don’t want to bother you more than i have

Through your adventure, we hope that you will interact with all sorts of people and achieve personal growth.
That is our biggest objective.

Press the A Button, and let your adventure begin!

reading the website is bad for me. oh well, better refresh the website

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toots for snoots