@elilla i've been signed out of twitter for a month now, but i just checked my mentions and saw your rot13 message! thank you

biggest news: tang is gnat spelt backwards, and tang is rot13(gnat)

also, you use my emacs theme!!?!? <3

is it rude to tell someone "you sneeze like my grandfather"

if the only hour you could find for your meeting when everyone was free was lunch, you didn't find an hour when everyone was free

girlcotting is when you buy a product you normally wouldn't because it's being boycotted by someone you don't like

all dressed up and nowhere to go sounds so good to me right now, I have somewhere to go and I'm naked

sometimes i want to dress in red and black and lie in bed writing "im santa's paindeer" on my arm with a bic biro

Disney might put a lot of work into making fiction beautiful, but have you seen our documentation?

how many times in your career have you gone to fix a bug and learned that actually none of it works, the whole thing is broken and has never worked?

tea involves doing 2 or even 3 things so instead I'm going to drink this beer I opened yesterday

nice day to curl up with a cup of tea and read the rust book

lol when most of the money in his charity is an "endowment" which is a system for giving money to a charity without losing any money

I wonder if it would be considered a conflict of interest that bill gates funds health sections of the guardian and the financial times, who write about him and his charity's work

if all Bill Gates cares about is solving polio, toilets and clean energy, then why is he richer now than he has ever been?

let's all go to bed and never get up

the BnB in Airbnb stands for "bath and beyond"

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