literally just realised podcast rhymes with broadcast

finding it really tough to sympathise with myself

seinfeld the orange tabby with a bowl of spaghetti "first day of the work week..!"

gremble the geinger cat eats spaghetti 'oh no it's monday again

something I personally enjoy is when the coffee shop is full of impatient people and I smile and be calm and am rewarded by getting my drink only once everyone in the queue of grumps behind me has been served theirs

just overheard someone in the coffee shop say "no, we'll have biscuits in a few weeks. at Christmas"

this combined with the energy drop from TRYING-TO-BE-LIKEABLE to _being_alone_, leaves me exhausted with a lot of self-hatred and it's nobody's fault

when a conversation ends, even naturally, and people leave, I feel like I've done something terrible

this face
kind, soft, friendly, wants the best for you

converts :> to 😏
❌ illegal

converts :> to πŸ˜†
🚫 prohibited

converts :> to 😊
πŸ†— not bad

when someone else joins a one-on-one conversation my anxiety goes through the roof because it's pronoun time baby

I can die on thousands of hills actually

the same people who made fun of teenage girls for misusing "literally" misuse "objectively" in the exact same way for the exact same reasons

recommend turning to your partner unprompted and saying "I love you regardless "

I've named it Slipperyhole in protest

the video game won't let me name my long pussycat "pussycat"

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