2021 will be the year of linux on the robocop

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Just got a Community Guidelines strike on YouTube for talking about NewPipe. The free and open source video player. Sigh...

i'd like to know how much of the TV License budget is spent on designing and sending all those TV License letters

but the trip to the supermarket was nice, and the jerk trout was nice, and i made a couple of good coffee, and me & abe listened to a podcast together.

scrawling "it was better before" on an a4 page and marching around the courthouse

my pronouns are don't talk about me

accidentally called Duke of Edinburgh "lord of the rings"

no such thing as a trusted vendor

one of the greatest of life's pleasures is when it's been long enough since you've watched something you've watched a million times, that you can watch it again

remember when boris johnson said "clap for our capitalists"

koreader has an rss reader
it downloads the feed articles as epubs
but it does not work with my rss feed
but the w3c has offered me a free download of the **Valid RSS Banner** so what gives?

this will be so good if we don't fuck it up

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toots for snoots