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when people reply to a tweet with "*something" or "FTFY something" i hate it

going to get into an argument on twitter later and whip out a dictionary definition

☕️ Coffee Facts ☕️

"americano" is a portmanteu of "america" and "no"

a great thing about actually having done terrible things in your life is that when your brain decides to have one of those weeks where it attacks you and makes you feel worthless, it doesn't have to work very hard

i tweeted some tweets that got lots of likes and replies and now my mentions are useless, but i don't want to mute the threads because what if somebody says something good

you ever eat and then when you're done immediately all food is disgusting, and you sit as far from the plate as you can get staring at it like the slime that's come from some slug monster

sitting here unable to move watching all my devices run out of battery

to the flies trapped in my room:

how did you get here?
go there

is there more to being a developer than saying "utilise" when you mean "use"

thanks to your blog post i’m now smarter, prettier and better at basketball

is there more to being a lawyer than saying “ergo” when you mean “so”

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so i've been thinking about how to do virtualization on mips3, which doesn't have hardware-assisted vm additions

and i think i just figured out how i can do that, and i'm going to try to write a small hypervisor core, and use it to virtualise n64 on my sgi indy

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toots for snoots