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considering using the HTTP protocol

it is cold in the park and my legs are covered in turkish milk, but dogs drink the milk so i get close dogs

one of the reasons it's so hard to concentrate in New Building is there's nowhere to sit where my back is against a wall. wish me luck in today's mission: OPERATION FIND A SECRET CORNER

an app that lets me tell the person next to me that I'm about to get off the train when I don't have a bag to dramatically zip up

did you know the "m" and "e" in the word "me" stand for Microsoft Edge?

this tweet is not about Microsoft Edge , it's about me

did you know the term "edgy" to describe things that were trying too hard to be cool derives from "Microsoft Edge "

cream rules everything around me
CREAM! get the cream
creamy creamy cream

going to mute all the names of generations


TIL a try/catch `finally` branch will run even when there's a return in the `try`:

function yeet () {
try {
return 7
} finally {


a riddle for you all:
I am six feet with five feet, you made me. Whom?

it's no use crying over the wiggly worm

haters beware, i have two modes: ON and PULSE/OFF

there's loads of amazing music that will disappear forever when soundcloud and bandcamp collapse

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toots for snoots