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or maybe i'll try to fight to get IMAP re-enabled again.

at work they've disabled IMAP, but i can't have a Gmail tab open all day and i can't install Gmail on my phone. what i need is a plugin for Thunderbird that will use the gmail API instead of IMAP. or something

does anyone have some kind of transformer that will translate the gmail api into IMAP?

i put "" in my /etc/hosts, but because of the service worker i still have twitter (now i have to add but i haven't gotten around to it because i've been reading tweets

it's strange that after the first dresden dolls album the members disappeared never to be heard of or heard from again

"does this belong to 1996's Lara croft" I quip while it rolls over the bones of
50 more protestors without slowing down

"haha it looks like a PS1 game " I laugh as it crunches me and all my friends under its bulletproof shell

it's funny
low poly
civilian tank

a room with 4 people and 7 cliques

in ireland ibuprofen is over the counter medicine but in UK it's a kind of candy

i clicked "download" and was redirected three or four times and ended on a text/plain 200 response with only the text "SHOULD NEVER REACH"

goingg to get on twitter later and calll a stranger "shit for brains..

about to go for a walk, hope the pizza man isn't still in the bushes

me "if you met someone and they were very nice but they called rock-paper-scissors 'scissors-paper-stone', could you be friends with them?"
@snootboi, sighing, furrowed brow, increasing heart rate "... ... No."

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toots for snoots